Do you know what a grievance is and how to file one? In this month’s Know Your Rights, we review this important protection for unionized workers.

A grievance is an allegation that one or more aspects of the collective agreement have been violated by the Employer or one of the Employer's representatives. This normally means that there’s a difference between how a worker or workers interpret the collective agreement and how management interprets it. In all instances where you suspect your rights have been violated, the first thing you should do is to document the 6Ws: who, what, where, when, why and want. 

Right to Union Representation

Right to union representation 

Reading through your collective agreement is not as enticing as reading the latest sci-fi novel, but collective agreements contain important information about your rights and responsibilities as union members. Understanding these rights and responsibilities helps protect members from harm.

Common language you will see in every collective agreement is your right to have union representation.

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