COPE Local 343 members at UFCW 1006a are on strike!

These members have been subjected to a wage grid that hasn’t been updated for over 10 years as well as differing hours of work for members. This has created an inequity wherein two workers performing the exact same work are paid up to $368 less per week and have different lunch break entitlements. New workers, many of whom are racialized workers, are not being paid the same as their colleagues.

Publicly, the Leadership of UFCW 1006a proclaims to hold high standards for workers rights. 

Behind closed doors, the employer has refused to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement that sees the wage grid and hours of work updated so that all classifications are reflected. Employees are outraged at how the employer can treat them “completely contradictory to the organizations mission statement." 

We demand that all workers are brought up to the same wage for their classifications. We demand that all workers doing the same job be given the same hours of work.

We want nothing more than to reach a fair and equitable settlement as soon as possible. 

Equal work deserves equal pay. 


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