As the Ontario government implements their plan to further open Ontario during the rise of the Delta variant of COVID-19 virus, our members have communicated their concerns about workplace health and safety.

COPE Ontario’s Executive Board has discussed and debated these issues and believes the best way to protect our members and the public is to follow the advice of public health experts, protect personal medical information, and promote healthy and safe workplaces while representing members’ rights.

COPE Ontario recognizes that vaccinations are the best way to be protected from the COVID-19 virus and encourages all COPE members to be vaccinated subject to the exemptions which include medical and human rights exemptions.  COPE Ontario also supports testing and the following of all public health measures such as physical distancing, masking where appropriate, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), handwashing, working remotely where possible, etc. as directed by Ontario’s Chief Medial Officer of Health and the COVID-19 Science Advisory Table.

We, as a union, recognize that we are collectively navigating unprecedented times and call upon all our members to prioritize health and safety, asking for proactive leadership from each member in the choices they make to ensure that they, their families, and communities stay safe.

COPE Ontario Executive

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