Closing the Gap Healthcare is widening the wage gap! 

The members of COPE Local 550 are on strike at Closing the Gap Healthcare.     

These members have time and time again been met with resistance at the bargaining table. Despite non-unionized employees receiving a 2.5% raise and bonuses in 2023, the employer refuses to provide the members of Local 550 with even a 2% wage increase!

Throughout the pandemic, these members have provided vital healthcare services to clients, traveling to their homes to ensure that their various and often complex rehabilitation needs are met. Despite having maintained this high standard of client care the employer continues to refuse the members requests for compensation.

These dedicated members of local 550 are the heartbeat of compassionate healthcare, and it's time to ensure that their hard work is met with fair compensation! Join us in telling the employers at Closing the Gap Healthcare that you stand with COPE Local 550 as we strive for a healthcare system that values its workers, ensures fair wages, and, ultimately, provides the best care for everyone!

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